The Introduction of Parklets
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The Introduction of Parklets

When the world was struck with covid in 2020 the immediate inclination was to lock down and everybody disappear from the streets.  But then the realisation that in fact being in the fresh air was an ideal situation where covid is less likely to be contagious local authorities and town councils were forced to look at the facilities they had for outdoor public seating and how they could assist local cafes and restaurants in serving outside.  Most towns do not have sufficient space on the pavements to accommodate tables and chairs and therefore the obvious answer was to expand on to the road. A solution had to be found, we in Public Spaces made it our duty to find an answer to this question and the answer was to be found with our Dutch partner Public Outdoor Creations who with us designed a series of ‘parklets’ which are movable platforms the size of a carparking space encompassed on these platforms are planters, benches and tables in different varieties and sizes. this gave the towns flexibility of being able to safely extend the seating areas into single carparking spaces and in doing so extend the pavement. we are glad to say we are now rolling out parklets to our customers and much to the delight of the residents.

The First Parklet was delivered to Cork County Council, Bantry Bay and once the residents and visitors gave their feedback, they decided to order another two, due to their success with the residents.

We also supplied another variant of the Parklet to Kildare County Council to enhance the outdoor dining facilities in Leixlip Village.  Again, we received great feedback not only from the clients but from the residents and visitors.

Public spaces are proud of the versatility and quality of all our partners and will continue to bring outstanding design and new methods and materials to our customers both old and new……