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Bray Seafront

Bray is unique in Ireland having maintained its Victoriana seafront for over 100 years.  But with time passing it was time to bring the modern to meet the traditional.  AECOM along with The National Sea Life Centre and Bray Municipal District redesigned a plaza along the promenade outside the National Sea Life centre and several other restaurants and cafes.    Shareridge were appointed the main contractor to develop and improve the amenities in the small plaza area.

We at ARLO Green Design were asked to design and manufacture some unique large, tapered planters capable of holding mature tree.  Our inhouse design team carefully studied the plans and the large, tapered tree planter was born.  An unusual design the planter has a small footprint which then gradually expands and opens out to give a fluted aesthetic. Not any easy design but one we are very proud to see in our hometown.  We also looked at the long seating elements that would be required and designed our two-way bench, these are large length seats that incorporate use of both sides of the bench and backrest support for those of the community who prefer that little bit more comfort.  For the Planters with added seating, we worked with one of our trusted partners Public Outdoor Creations to create the right balance between the large sized planter and seating additions the clients wanted in their brief. This was easily achieved, and all items were finished in a RAL colour to ties the whole project together.  Our designers were also asked to manufacture serpentine planters that could be used as individual planters or lined up to give a Wave feature in the design.  They were highlighted by being finished in a lighter cream colour. All in all, the overall effect we think you would agree if you visited is stunning.

The project was finished in August of 2021 and has proved very popular with the many visitors to Bray.

Public spaces are proud of the versatility and quality of all our partners and will continue to bring outstanding design and new methods and materials to our customers both old and new……