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Unit 1a Southern Cross Business Park Bray, Wicklow , Ireland

Brand Information

Escofet is a company located in Barcelona, ​​which through the design and industrialization of urban elements and architectural concrete, transforms cities and enhances the use of public space. The company was born and has developed in
close ties with Barcelona, ​​a showcase for its work and creativity. From our city, we project the Mediterranean character of the company internationally, testimony to our presence in avenues, parks, streets, squares and boulevards around the world. We create the urban landscape through the fusion of our different lines of activity in the projects of architects, designers and landscapers: Urban Life to optimize the use of urban elements of concrete, wood and other materials; Lighting for lighting solutions for public spaces; Walking for the creation and design of pavements; and Building for architectural concrete projects and piece. .At Escofet we love the city. For more than 100 years we have been promoting change and the transformation of cities. The new challenges move us to continue working to design new solutions and products that favour meeting and fill the urban environment with life. With our entire team and together with our collaborating architects, designers and landscapers, we want to remain at the forefront of change and act, through new solutions and products, to improve five areas: the pacified city, the playable city, the green city, the accessible city and the sustainable city.

Product Information
ESCOFET’s long-standing focus on modular urban elements found a perfect partner in Foster + Partners Industrial Design. The final stages of this collaboration involve the making and shipping of the finished product. ESCOFET is renowned worldwide for its manufacturing excellence, offering a range of colours and finishes that are second to none. To make GATHER, we developed bespoke steel and polyester moulds and a lightweight stainless-steel frame. We also tailored the UHPC-Slimconcrete® so it could flow easily through the slender mould gaps and evenly distribute the aggregate across all visible surfaces. After curing and demoulding, all surface bug holes are carefully filled by hand with a concrete mix. The seats are then acid-etched and waterproofed. Finally, both seating and backrest areas are hand polished. Because sustainable shipping is paramount, we also adjusted each module’s length to load easily while fully utilizing internal container and/or lorry space.