Solea Entourage EA

Solea Entourage EA

Vincent Dupont Rougier Design


SOLEA © is a new approach to plant protection meeting halfway with the tree surroundings and the corset. SOLEA has several advantages over conventional tree surroundings: it protects the roots of dirt and road cleaning runoffs, it secures the plants against all kinds of attacks: cars, pedestrians, and animals . SOLEA is made with two elements (B) or only one (A) according to the constraints of implementation.SOLEA has a classic design and exists in two shapes: cylindro-truncated cone (II) or tronco-pyramidal (I). Made of steel thickness 3 mm with aesthetic return of 100 mm. All corners are softened, the welds carefully cleaned and sealed in such a way that they have no sharp edges.

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Technical Specification

Powder coated polyester with a corten effect finish, or Grey Cosmos Powder coated polyester with a corten effect finish , White Incognito, Golden dust, Black midnight, or Grey Cosmos
Color RAL on request from 10 units. Corten steel is corrosion proof with Prymext treatment
Or protected steel against corrosion with Zalkyon procedure
Oxidized cortex pre-stabilized naturally with a accelerated oxidization procedure by CYRIA

Dimensions (mm) : Height 500x width 2030
Volume: 1620
Weight: 170 kg


By bolting. In the case ofsoft floors or furniture, the construction of a concrete mass with 10 cm thick metal mesh or concrete studs under each leg is necessary.