Vegetal KALYS Totem

Vegetal KALYS Totem

Akiro Agency design


The vegetable totem KALYS © is a landmark object, emblematic of the place, exceeding its function as a vegetable container to constitute an element of urban and landscape decoration.
In his mirror version, he is both a witness and an actor of urban dynamics, returning a sublimated image of the passer-by or the floraƊ
In its corten version, the raw material gives it majesty by revealing all the forms of its stature.

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Technical Specification

Powder coated polyester with a corten effect finish, or Grey Cosmos Powder coated polyester with a corten effect finish , White Incognito, Golden dust, Black midnight, or Grey Cosmos
Color RAL on request from 10 units. Corten steel is corrosion proof with Prymext treatment
Or protected steel against corrosion with Zalkyon procedure

Dimensions (mm) : Height 2100 x length 600 x depth 600
Weight: 160 kg


Fastening: By bolting.
In case of soft floors or furniture, the construction of a concrete foundation with 10 cm thick metal mesh or concrete studs under each foot is necessary.