Fuat planter

Fuat planter



cast concrete


(consult Public Spaces for options)


R60: 1500mm x 430mm x 600mm; R60 p: 1500mm x 430mm x 650mm; R80: 1500mm x 520mm x 800mm; R80 p: 1500mm x 520mm x 850mm; S85: 1500mm x 810mm x 800mm; S85 p: 1500mm x 810mm x 870mm; Q60: 1620mm x 1620mm x 600mm; Q60 p: 1620mm x 1620mm x 690mm; Q80: 1620mm x 1620mm x 800mm; Q80 p: 1620mm x 1620mm x 890mm


R60: 380Kg; R60 p: 390Kg; R80: 546Kg; R80 p: 560Kg; S85: 807Kg; S85 p: 831Kg; Q60: 1020Kg; Q60 p: 1100Kg; Q80: 1480Kg; Q80 p: 1560Kg

additional features

all ‘p’ models are raised off the ground with cast feet, while all standard models sit flat on ground surface